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Photo by SK Shek Photographer

Qualified In Master Photographers Association(LMPA)

Member of WPPI

Member of Asia WPA

WorldPWP <<Elite Members,Professional Wedding Photographer >>

2015 WPPI second half:Non-Wedding Day SILVER AWARD

2015Wedding Magazine.Top10 Wedding Photographer

2015Wedding Magazine.Top10 Wedding Company

2015 Awards Wedding Photography Professional<<Gold Award>>

2015World Professional Wedding Photographer (PWP)Cover Award

2015Wedding Art Photographers Award (WAP)Cover Award

2015Photo Workshop Turkey (PWT)Cover Award

2015Workshop Light Denfo (WLD)Cover Award

2015Mesopotamia Wedding (MWP)Award of Abstract

2014Wedding Award .Best in Skill

2013Wedding Message Award .Best in Skill

ProS photography team are form by number of experienced photographers, each one has a unique photographic techniques, they will use their own characteristics to shoot for guests in an unique style instead of boring mold.

Taken from personal style, ProS will communicate with customers, in order to complete the requirements of each guest, shooting the most perfect photography

ProS provides the latest and the most fashionable, unique wedding gown for guests to choose, with the professional makeup artists, each guest can be outstanding in their personal beauty. We also provide rental services to make wedding day guests caught the attention of the audiences.

ProS will be the most sincere, caring and professional attitude to help each couple to complete the ideal wedding.

ProS also provide banquet or special events photography services, please call or e-mail for inquiry.